Monday, January 30, 2012

"No love for this six year old today!"

Ok. He didn't exactly say it like that with a thick R&B accent. But he did actually say "I didn't get ANY love today." Oy, my poor Sammy has such a hard life. His five year old sister, Yael stayed home sick (after an entire night with her head burried in a waste basket hurling her little guts up. I remember my freshman year at College too).
"Sammy would you rather you were sick and puking so you could stay home too?"
"YES!" (You would think that four kids in I would have known the answer to that question and skipped to question 2).
"Sammy, Yael was very sick and couldn't go to school. We all hope she feels better soon so she can go back to school."
"Yeah, tomorrow!"
I swear my six year old lives in an entirely different universe. He is the only relatively grown child
(the one year old just doesn't count. Still totally in puppy phase - play fetch with me, feed me, water me, change my papers I've pooped myself again)

who gets to stay home with his Uncle half the day. He has to share a few days with his puce colored sister and you would think that we asked him to walk on the moon without a helmet. I can't even make up the things he thinks of that come rolling out of his mouth. In his world his cup isn't just half empty, it has been stolen by his siblings and spit in twice for good measure.
He should live and be well. For some people, there is no making them happy.

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  1. OMG. I just read three posts and was cheering and nodding in agreement with each one. Like.


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