Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Long and Winding Road...

It has been forever since I've posted a blog post on this site. Of course I spent 6 months blogging about my son, Sam's, battle against Leukemia on Superman Sam with my wife, Phyllis. But it is ten weeks since then and I haven't written a word. 

Sam is doing great. He's grumpy like a crotchety 70 year old man, but for him, that is normal. He is a middle's middle. His life is so half empty you would think it is all empty for a kid who battled himself into remission, received an iPad early on as a gift to focus on instead of his cancer, who lives in a nice home, with a loving family. He feels the world has wronged him because someone else always has more than him. 

Two weeks ago, 7:30am
Sam: I wish I lived when David was born!
Me: What!? Why?
Sam: He lived in a big house! He had a cat! AND, AND he had a CAR BED!!!
Sam and Yael: (with their arms folded across their chests said with attitude) We hate our beds. We want car beds. 
Me: Your bunk beds are in great shape. Where are you getting all this information?
Sam and Yael: The picture books from when David was a baby.
Me: Give me those. Those are clearly not age appropriate. You are now banned from looking at them until you are 18. 

Now let me be very clear. When David was born we lived in Cincinnati, OH where we could buy four large homes for what it costs to live in a duplex in Chicago. My wife wasn't allergic to cats and we didn't live near her father who is deathly allergic to cats back then. And David was TWO when we received a hand me down car bed (Thanks Solomon Family!). 
I hadn't even had my coffee yet, and I don't drink coffee, but that seemed like a good morning to be convinced to take up coffee drinking. 

My life is a comedy. It makes me laugh except for the moments when it makes me cry. 

And as for me, well I've been working hard in congregational life and struggling to get my fledgling company off the ground. For years I've been figuring out ways to digitize Hebrew learning tools and get them in the hands of my students to make their lives easier. When I showed a friend last spring he asked if I'd ever thought of marketing my learning tools. Six months, incorporation fees, two artists and one computer later I am ready to publish my first digital Alef-Bet book, my second Alef-Bet book is almost in post-production and my learning tools have had a major facelift. 
My website, is still a work in progress but you can go see some of the beautiful artwork that Sekana Radovic and Eric Winter have created for our books and request some free samples of my products (who doesn't love a free sample!). 
I'm tweeting @DigitalJudaism too and can be reached at

I've been told by my digital media savy wife that I have to blog more than once an eon too. 

Thank you for all your love and support, m