Friday, March 14, 2014

Early Retirement Ended

I've been retired since July 1, 2013. I walked away from looking for other jobs knowing that my place was with Sammy and my family come what may. Well 'may' came December 14, 2013 when Sammy died and I stayed retired as I drew my family in close, crawled into my own shell of hell and began mourning Sammy's death. As the weeks after sheloshim passed I slowly began tutoring again and seeing my families. Yesterday and today I came out of retirement. Today I started my new job as the interim rabbi at Temple B'nai Israel in Aurora, IL. Yesterday I officiated my first funeral for a dear friend who died suddenly on Monday. I am tentative, excited and sad all at once. It was beautiful having nothing to do but grieve and care for myself and my family. It is beautiful to be needed for my expertise as well as the comfort I can bring to dear friends in the beginning of their own loss and mourning. We all have our places in this world. We just don't always know where to be.